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  • Sample Collection Kit
  • Sample Collection Kit Logistics
  • Trial Supply Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Sourcing of Study Materials

Performance Studies according to IVDR/CFR

Our cross-functional and GCP/GCLP-qualified teams develop tailor-made solutions to ensure the success of your analytical and clinical performance studies for market approval. As your reliable partner, we guarantee the correctness, completeness, traceability, and validity of the data, and we document in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.

Sample Collection Studies

We plan and conduct prospective and retrospective sample collection studies of biological samples according to national laws, as needed by investigators, to support development and method validation. Our comprehensive services include full study documentation, site management, ethics clearance, clinical trial supply, and logistics

Exploratory & Feasibility Studies

TRIGA-S offers services to support the development of in vitro diagnostics, including biomarker testing and validation, from pre-clinical development to proof of concept.