• Sabine Radiske
    Sabine Radiske CEO & Founder


  • Dr. Andreas Franke
    Dr. Andreas Franke Chief Operating Officer


  • Christine Hutter
    Christine Hutter Chief Financial & Human Resources Officer


  • Andrea Schatten
    Andrea Schatten Head of Lab Support
  • David Brodbeck
    David Brodbeck Head of Laboratory
  • Marta Leis
    Marta Leis Head of Laboratory
  • Eugen Brenninger
    Eugen Brenninger Head of Logistics
  • Christine Chowanetz-Ernst
    Christine Chowanetz-Ernst Head of Monitoring
  • Sebastian Behrend
    Sebastian Behrend Head of Quality Assurance
  • Dr. Marion Horsch
    Dr. Marion Horsch Head of Quality Management
  • Karolina Heed
    Karolina Heed Business Development Manager